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Campsites on the Milford Road


Campsites on the Milford Road

Discover the best campsites along the magnificent Milford Road, your gateway to the breathtaking wonders of Fiordland National Park. These campsites offer the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in nature and create lasting memories amidst New Zealand’s stunning landscapes.

Cascade Creek Campsite
Nestled alongside the cascading waters of Cascade Creek, this campsite provides a serene and picturesque setting. Surrounded by towering mountains and lush forests, it offers a tranquil retreat for nature lovers. Enjoy the convenience of basic facilities, including toilets, picnic tables, and cooking shelters.

Gunns Camp
Steeped in history, Gunns Camp offers a unique camping experience in a rustic and secluded setting. Settle into one of their well-maintained campsites or cozy cabins and soak in the tranquility of the Hollyford Valley. Explore nearby hiking trails, go fishing in crystal-clear streams, and unwind amidst the peaceful ambiance.

Knobs Flat
Located at the midway point of the Milford Road, Knobs Flat is a popular campground for both overnight stays and short breaks. Nestled amongst ancient beech forests, this campsite offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Take advantage of the modern amenities, including hot showers, kitchen facilities, and a well-stocked shop.

Milford Sound Lodge Campervan Park
Situated just minutes away from the iconic Milford Sound, this campervan park is perfect for those seeking convenience and proximity to the fjord. Set up camp surrounded by lush rainforest and enjoy access to modern amenities, including a camp kitchen, laundry facilities, and hot showers. Take a scenic cruise in Milford Sound or embark on one of the nearby hiking trails for an unforgettable adventure.

Te Anau Downs Campground
Positioned near the picturesque shores of Lake Te Anau, this campsite serves as an ideal base for exploring both Milford Sound and the Fiordland National Park. Enjoy stunning views of the lake and mountains, and take advantage of the well-maintained facilities, including showers, BBQ areas, and a boat ramp for water-based activities.

Experience the beauty and tranquility of the Milford Road by camping at these exceptional campsites. Immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Fiordland National Park, embark on unforgettable hikes, and create memories to last a lifetime.


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Milford Sound